• 08-05-2024

  The scorching sun is an indispensable element of the summer climate, is considered a signature flavor of Ho Chi Minh City. From this, the city adds to its cultural identity, fitting lifestyle. Every day, millions of residents and tourists experience both the hot summer and the fast rhythm of life to form a vibrant picture. From roadside stalls to street markets, all suffer from the hot weather in this tropical land. Moreover, in this year, Ho Chi Minh City has the number of heatwaves - days with temperatures above 35 degrees Celsius to take an annual record for the last nearly 30 years. People live in Ho Chi Minh City to find various of cooling methods such as limiting outdoor activities, using cooling equipment, etc., and especially using cooling drinks. However, how to keep the drinks cold and delicious?

Ly quai ống hút, Bình đá Nhật 1L, Ly cao cách nhiệt ống hút và Bình đá vuông 1L
Cup with straw, lid and handle, JP ice cooler 1 L, Tall insulated cup with straw and Square ice cooler 1L

 To understand the markets and customers, Tan Lap Thanh Plastic has introduced a new suit of product including Cup with straw, lid and handle, JP ice cooler 1L,Tall insulated cup with straw and Square ice cooler 1L. It is wonderful to enjoy a cool drink in summer, to create a  refreshing feeling. Cup with straw, lid and handle, JP ice cooler 1L, Tall insulated cup with straw and Square ice cooler 1L which are with unique designs,  easy to hold, high aesthetic colors and images, are made from premium polypropylene (PP) plastic to be with high durability, heat retention, high recyclability, and safety for health. These products have a capacity of 550ml, 1000ml. You alway have enough water for the day to be suitable for outdoor or indoors recreational activities, even camping. Importantly, the products always provide a feeling of "fresh and cool" when using.

  The hot summer can be prolonged, or you prefer the " refreshing coolness". Don't miss out on owning the Cup with straw, lid and handle, Tall insulated cup with straw, JP ice cooler 1L and Square ice cooler  1L from Tan Lap Thanh Plastic, which are the “hot trend” this year."

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