TAN LAP THANH PLASTIC - Vietnamese pride

  • 09-08-2019

Since its inception in 1993, Tan Lap Thanh Plastic has now risen to become a strong brand in the field of high-end household plastic business and production. Tan Lap Thanh products such as tables, chairs, baskets, barrels, plastic pots ... diversified in design, design, convenience and durability, reasonable price should be favored by domestic consumers. At the same time, export to major markets such as USA, Japan, Korea, Canada, Australia, Taiwan ... with annual revenue reaching hundreds of billion dong.

The household plastic products of the Company are produced on a completely closed modern chain imported from Japan and Taiwan with molds designed in Taiwan. In particular, genuine PP materials are imported from reputable suppliers in the world.

Aiming at green growth and sustainable development, Tan Lap Thanh Plastic focuses on processing wastes in the production process to minimize environmental impacts. Specifically, the Company has invested in installing modern waste and recycling systems imported from abroad, building cool landscapes, planting many trees around the production area, regularly organizing sanitation. factories, factories, creating a safe and friendly working environment for workers.

In order to improve the quality and improve the product design, Tan Lap Thanh Plastic focuses on investing in the application of new scientific and technical advances in the production process and at the same time regularly opening professional training courses. to improve the skills for staff.

Not only focus on developing production and business, the company also cares about the material and spiritual life of the workforce of over 400 people with stable income, as well as full implementation of regimes, policies for employees according to law. On the other hand, regularly organize cultural shows, sports activities to improve the spiritual life for workers. In addition, the company also actively participated in social activities - charity, sharing with the community such as: supporting the fund for the poor, contributing to support people affected by natural disasters ...

Efforts to contribute to the economic development and social security work of Tan Lap Thanh Plastic Co., Ltd. have been recognized and awarded many valuable prizes such as prestigious Vietnamese brand - quality; Household plastic products of Tan Lap Thanh for many years have been voted as "High quality Vietnamese goods" by consumers.